About Me

“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible”

This quote by Richard Feynman, is primarily responsible for my quest for experiencing the aha moment in every concept I learn. The pure romance of modeling a physical systems in its entirety, realising it from scratch and orchestrating it to any desired eventuality through code is my addiction.

I have completed my undergrad at SSN College of Engineering (2011-2015) majoring in Electrical and Electronics and currently a Embedded Bluetooth Engineer at Visteon Chennai.

I worked under the guidance of Dr.M.Senthil Kumaran in his kickass lab at SSNCE where I had the leeway to explore and pursue my interests.

I am also one of the core members of Electrical Research Fraternity. Follow the link to have a look at our achievements.

I script in nearly in all computer languages but python and c++ remains close to my heart because one has a short prototyping time and the other oozes performance.

During my free time I usually blog, read manga or practise Silambam. To know more about me have a look at my resume or ping me at sibi dot vasank @gmail.com.

ERF Achievements Resume