My Coursework

My Coursework


Cumulative GPA: 8.35/10

Computer Vision

Online Coursework

Control, Embedded Systems and Robotics

Online Coursework
Credited Coursework
  • Solid State Drives EE2352
  • Microprocessors and Microcontroller EE2354
  • Power Electronics EE2301
  • Electrical Machines I EE2302
  • Electrical Machines II EE2251
  • Control Systems EE2253
  • Digital Logic Circuits EE2255
  • Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications EE2254
  • Measurement and Instrumentation EE2201
  • Electronics Devices and Circuits EE2203

Signals and Systems

Credited Coursework
  • Circuit Theory EE2151
  • Electromagnetic Theory EE2202
  • Power System Analysis EE2351
  • Digital Signal Processing EC2314
  • Tranmission and Distribution EE2303
  • Communication Engineering EC2311

Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Mathematics

Online Coursework
Credited Coursework
  • Data Structures and Algorithm EE2204
  • Transforms and Partial Differential Equations MA2211
  • Computer Networks CS2363
  • Object Oriented Programming CS2312
  • Operating System CS2411


Online Coursework
Credited Coursework
  • Presentation Skills and Technical Seminar EE2357
  • Professional Ethics in Engineering GE2025