My Hacks

My Hacks


Team Members: Saipraveen Durairaman, Sibi Sankar, Vijayenthiran

  • Constructed a omni-directional modular robotics platform designed and implemented using rapid proto- typing techniques.
  • Gesture Based Manual Control of the robot was established using RGBD camera though hand detection and tracking (Nite 2.0) (Open Ni 2.2).
  • Head Tracking for Virtual Reality was achieved using on-board sensors on the phone to control the stepper-motor on the omnipresence robot.


R&D Intern at Mango Ventures LLP

  • Modified FabScan to run on Marlin Firmware to support Auto-Callibration using Horus GUI.
  • Extended Horus Firmware to run upto three motors increasing accuracy.

EmoBot - Realtime CV on Embedded Hardware

Team Members: Adithya S, Sibi Sankar

  • Facial landmarks were detected using dlib library and feature set was extracted from several face datasets and run realtime on raspberry pi2.
  • Q-Learning (RL Algorithm) was used to reccommend music using the user emotion feedback.
  • Placed top 5 at Harman Connected Car Hackathon.

Semi-Autonomous Control of Quadrotor

Team Members: Sibi Sankar, Sanjay Shreedharan

  • Responsible for implementation of the two-channel PID controller for roll and pitch control of a quadcopter on Spartan 3E FPGA using Matlab/Xilinx(ISE).
  • Aided in the indigenous construction of the quadcopter frame and interfacing of the 9 degree of freedom inertial measurement unit with the FPGA.
  • Aided in the testing and implementation of the control algorithm in arduino microcontroller.


(Localization, Obstacle avoidance , Control and Kinematic framework)

mentor - Prof. M.Senthil Kumaran (EEE/SSNCE)
Sibi Sankar, Sanjay Shreedharan, Adithya S

  • Implemented Localization and Pose estimation based on arbitrary defined color contours detection using OpenCV C++ library.
  • Implemented A* based search on the image to find the optimal path through a obstacle maze.
  • Implemented a PID based control system based on the kinematics of the differential driving system.

Modelling and Feedback Linearization of Aero-Thrust Pendulum

mentor- Prof. M.Senthil Kumaran (EEE/SSNCE)
Sibi Sankar, Sanjay Shreedharan

image image image
Hardware Implementation of the Aeropendulum Setup.
  • Responsible for implementation of the single-channel PID controller with anti-reset for aero-thrust pendulum on Spartan 3E FPGA using Matlab/Xilinx(ISE)
  • As a part of a team of two, implemented the data logging system on Spartan 3E FPGA interfaced to Matlab through Real time Windows target and aided in feedback-linearization of the non-linear system.
  • Facilitated the implementation of the online tuning of PID parameters with on-board switch of the FPGA.

Magnetic Levitation System

mentor - Prof. M.Senthil Kumaran (EEE/SSNCE) Sibi Sankar, Sanjay Shreedharan, Adithya S

  • Designed a Prototype of Magnetic Levitation System.
  • Implemented Hysteresis Control to achieve magnetic levitation using Spartan 3E FPGA and Arduino.

Digital Painter

mentor - Prof. M.Senthil Kumaran (EEE/SSNCE) Adithya S, Sibi Sankar, Sanjay Shreedharan image

  • Implemented mathematical functions on Spartan 3E FPGA and used PWM technique to display basic shapes in a DSO.
  • Developed a technique to display any given image in a DSO with the help of image processing and python.

Checkout the blog post about this project here

VL Anime Downloader (VLAD) using Wxpython

VLAD Load Episode window

  • Responsible for the download link extraction algorithm and multi-threaded downloader implementation.
  • Implemented a GUI based data scraping, multithreaded downloader using WxPython for anime shows and its source code was published in github